Mini Florestas

Mini handmade forests is a Project of Roda de Ideias Eventos Ltda, a company that also has in its social object the support to forest production. This is the promotion of the planting of 1/2 to 10 hectares of native species with aptitude for the cooper industry, together with cachaça producers. Amburana cearensis, Amburana acreana, Yellow Satin, Peanut, Angico, Araribá, Balm, Cinnamon Sassafrás, Castanheira, Cedar, Jatobá, Jequitibá, Freijó, Grápia, Ipê, Jacarandá, Jatobá, Louro Canela, Pau Brasil, Pau Pereira, Peroba, Tapinhoã, Vinhático… among others.

It is implemented through a rural partnership contract involving three partners: a) The land supplier, producer of Cachaça; b) The executor, Roda de Ideias, which provides all operations, involving legal records, insurance contracting, acquisition of seedlings and inputs, forest management, technical assistance and management; (c) the Micro Investor, who may be a third party or the supplier of the land itself or the executor.

The harvest period of the wood is at least twenty years, but it can be intercroped with fruit growing in order to anticipate cash flow.

In this context, it is worth highlighting the brutal difference between a cachaça stored and/ or aged in wooden casks of another tanned in pieces of wood, sawdust, chips or by adding essences. The process of storage and/or aging requires at least six months of rest of the drink in the barrel, but the average is two years, and is regulated by rules of the Ministry of Agriculture. There is a slowly and gradually drink-wood interaction that significantly enriches the physical-chemical and sensory profile of the beverage.

The addition of chips, pieces of wood, sawdust or essence is a very practiced, unregulated process that provides a sensory tincture to the beverage, most often characterized as fraud, that is, when this practice is not reported to the consumer.

Good for the producer of Cachaça, for the environment, for the connoisser of Cachaça and for the micro investor.

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